Bridget Welsh is Associate Professor at John Cabot University, a Senior Research Associate at NTU, a Senior Associate Fellow THC and a University Fellow of CDU. She analyzes Southeast Asian politics, especially Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore and Indonesia. She is committed to engagement, fostering mutual understanding and empowerment.
Daily archive May 12, 2013

Umno’s reactionary GE13 ‘victory’

Taken from The May 2013 general election was a potential transition election in which the BN governing coalition held onto power. The majority of the Malaysians supported an alternative government, but the incumbent Umno elite, supported by vested interests and years of constructing an electoral system in its favour, won out. Even with yet...

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Silver linings in a GE13 without gold

Taken from The dust is beginning to settle one week after the dirtiest election in the country’s history. Some of the dirt will stick, while others will hopefully wash away as the memory of the election fades. My earlier pieces have focussed on the questions about the electoral process and impact of an Umno...

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