Bridget Welsh is Associate Professor at John Cabot University, a Senior Research Associate at NTU, a Senior Associate Fellow THC and a University Fellow of CDU. She analyzes Southeast Asian politics, especially Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore and Indonesia. She is committed to engagement, fostering mutual understanding and empowerment.
Monthly archive June, 2013

Malaysia’s Election and Najib’s Challenged Mandate

Taken from the East-West Center Malaysia held its most competitive national polls in May, with the 56-year old incumbent coalition managing to hold onto power. The Barisan Nasional coalition led by Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak won 133 or 60 percent of the seats, although it captured only 47 percent of the popular vote. The...

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Najib likely to face leadership challenge

Taken from One month after GE13, attention has turned to the Umno election. Rumours are already circulating about possible challengers to the ruling party’s No 1 post. While the Black 505 rallies continue to mobilise protest against the May 5 general election that many recognise as seriously flawed, the dominant political party is myopically...

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How in the World Did Myanmar Go From Dictatorship to Near Democracy Overnight?

Posted on Sometimes it’s the little things—small acts of courage or kindness—that change the world in a big way, writes Darlene Damm (@darlenedamm).   When I was studying at Stanford University in the late 1990s, there was a student debate on campus—should one choose a career saving the world, or “sell out” and better their own individual...

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