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Introducing Political Science
State Formation and States
Political Regimes & Political Development
Political Ideology
Political Mobilization & Interest Aggregation
Political Institutions: Parliaments to Courts
Political Identity and Nationalism
Political Economy and Development
Human Rights
Conflict and Violence
Foreign Policy, International Cooperation and War
Political Leadership



Introducing Political Science

Leading Organisations

American Political Science Association
International Political Science Association
Political Studies Association (PSA)
Association for Political Theory (APT)
Italian Political Science Association (SISP)

General Resources

IPSA Portal (Top 300 Sites)
WWW Virtual Library International Affairs Resources
Political Resources on the Net
Keele Guide for Political Science
CIA World Factbook

State Formation and States

Lists of Recognized States

UN Member States
US State Department’s List of States

Key Treaties for the State in International Relations

Treaty of Westphalia
Convention on Rights and Duties of States (Montevideo Convention)

Types of States

Fragile States Index
Index of Weak States in the Developing World (Brookings Institute)
Paul Spicker Introduction to Social Policy – Welfare States
Comparative Welfare States Dataset
Learn Europe: Models of Welfare State in Europe
FP: Paradoxes of the Rentier State

Important Writers and Thinkers

Major Political Thinkers from Plato to Mill (Quenton Taylor)
Max Weber’s Politics as a Vocation
Charles Tilly Interview on State Formation
Francis Fukuyama Origins of Political Order


Political Regimes & Political Development

Democracy Studies

Freedom House
Center for Voting and Democracy
Accurate Democracy
Center for Democracy, Rule of Law
Centre for the Study of Democracy Westminster 
Center for the Study of Democracy and Diversity
IDEA: Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance
International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES)
Inter-Parliamentary Union
National Endowment for Democracy
Federal Election Commission


Introducing Regime Types
Regime Change for Dummies (Foreign Policy Walt)


Political Ideology

Types of Political Ideologies 
Centre for Political Ideologies (Uni. Nottingham)
Introduction to Political Philosophy & Ideologies
The Political Compass


Political Mobilization & Interest Aggregation

Lijphart Elections Archive
Election World
Fair Vote
Election Resources on the Internet
European Election Studies
Election Guide
ACE: Electoral Knowledge Network
Carter Center
Comparative Study of Electoral Systems (CSES)
International Comparative Political Parties Project
Pippa Norris’s Website
Harry’s Blog (FiveThirtyEight)


Political Institutions: Parliaments to Courts

Constitutions and Political Structures

Constitutions Finder
Constitutional Society
International Constitutional Law
Forum on Federations
Legislation Online
National Congress of State Legislatures
The Congress
European Parliament
European Justice
US Courts
Judiciary UK
European Court of Justice
Judicial Studies


Political Identity and Nationalism


The Nationalism Project
National Liberation or Regional Autonomy

Global Review of Ethnopolitics
Europe and Nationalism (BBC)

Political Identities

Center for the Study of Racism, Social Justice and Health
Centre for the Study of Racism, Ethnicity and Nationalism
Understanding Identity Politics
Religious Freedom Watch
The Global South


Political Economy and Development

Political Economy

Political Economy Research Institute
Political Economy Bibliography
Washington Post Political Economy Panel
IPEZone Blog (LSE Students)
Trade and Globalization


World Bank
UN Development Programme
Human Development Reports
Millennium Development Goals
OECD Development Reports
UNICEF – Progress of Nations


Human Rights

United for Human Rights
Human Rights Watch
Amnesty International
Human Rights Links
Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs Links
Icelandic Human Rights Center
Asian Human Rights Commission


Conflict and Violence

Center for International Development and Conflict Management (CIDCM)
Center for Systemic Peace
National Peace Corps Association
Bosserman Center for Conflict Resolution


Foreign Policy, International Cooperation and War

Conflict Barometer
Foreign Affairs Magazine
Foreign Policy Journal
Country Indicators for Foreign Policy (Carleton University)

Council on Foreign Relations
International Relations and Security Network


Political Leadership

Leadership Theories
The Myth of Political Leadership
On Leadership (The Washington Post)

Political Leadership (Harper’s Magazine)

Role of Political Leadership – Geopolitical Futures