Against the Odds: Malaysia’s Stronger Parliament

Amid upheaval and uncertainty, and despite the presence of foul-mouthed politicians and a divisive speaker, Dr. Bridget Welsh argues that Malaysia’s Parliament has notched a number of important firsts. But can this period of democratic maturity last, and for how long?

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Sulu shocks: Context and solutions

Attention on the Sulu claim focuses on the French 2022 arbitration. Dr. Bridget Welsh argues that the legal “arbitration” lens approach is too narrow. This piece highlights the need for holistic engagement and a multi-faceted approach that takes into account the socio-political issues in forming a constructive path forward.

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The Nation – 15th July 2022

Dr. Bridget Welsh joins Eddin Khoo for Bernama’s The Nation to discuss trending topics of the week, including the Sri Lanka Crisis, Mat Kilau, Sulu Heirs claim and UMNO’s Constitutional amendment.

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The Heat is On for Umno

Umno’s power struggles and cracks within Umno’s leadership spilleth over as election fever mounts. Who will get burnt? Dr Bridget Welsh writes.

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Left Behind: An Uneven Economic Recovery

Malaysia’s borders have reopened and the economy is apparently back on track. But it appears that not every sector of society is recovering at the same rate. Dr Bridget Welsh shines the light on the country’s economic inequalities and those of us being left behind.

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Bridget Welsh

Bridget Welsh is currently Honorary Research Associate with the University of Nottingham Asia Research Institute Malaysia (UoNARI-M) based in Kuala Lumpur. She is also a Senior Research Associate of the Hu Feng Center for East Asia Democratic Studies of National Taiwan University and a Senior Associate Fellow of The Habibie Center. She specializes in Southeast Asian politics, with a focus on Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore and Indonesia. She is committed to fostering engagement, mutual understanding and empowerment.

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