Based in Southeast Asia, Bridget Welsh provides grounded assessments of local, national and regional political conditions for clients. Her analyses build on over two decades of fieldwork across Southeast Asia, extensive longitudinal survey research, broad and robust networks and her experience as an educator and scholar working on and growing up in the region. She specializes in particular on Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar and Indonesia, but her work extends across the eleven countries in ASEAN (including Timor Leste), examining how global trends effect local developments.


To ensure objectivity and integrity, she undertakes and supervises all work personally so that clients can be assured of high quality. Financial considerations are not allowed to compromise the task of providing frank and forthright analyses and advice. Consequently, she does not undertake advocacy and lobbying work. This approach ensures commitment to her principles of good governance, inclusiveness, probity and empowerment and maintains independence in her research.


Her work combines quantitative and qualitative methodologies and is tailored for the services and needs of individual clients. Among the services she provides are regular briefings updating and analyzing key events, political risk assessments, in-depth analyses of electoral behavior and possible trajectories and longer in-depth reports on political issues. She offers advice and guidance to navigate different political trajectories and to manage political uncertainties.


Beyond her analytical work, she regularly is invited to speak on the changing geopolitics of the region, domestic political trajectories and engages in training for political empowerment. 


Interested clients should email her at