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General Resources
Political Polling and Campaigning
Comparative Global Resources and Data
Social Movements
Internet and Politics
Development NGOs



General Resources

International Comparative Political Parties Project
Resources of Political Parties
Pippa Norris’s website
The Lijphart Elections Archive
Electoral Studies
Party Politics
Elections Around the World
Center for the Study of Democracy
The Center for Voting and Democracy
Election Resources on the Internet
European Election Studies
Political Resources


Political Polling and Campaigning


Around the World


Singapore Elections

Singapore Elections Department        
Ace Projects: Administration and Cost of Elections
Accurate Democracy: Voting Rules and Simulations
Carter Center
Comparative Democratization Project: Stanford
Comparative Study of Electoral Systems (UM Ann Arbor)
Election Resources on the Internet
Electionworld.org: Elections Around the World
Forum on Federations: Federations Around the World
IDEA: Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance
Inter-Parliamentary Union

International Foundation for Electoral Systems        
Lijphart Elections Archive 
National Endowment for Democracy
Parties and Elections in Europe


US 2008 Campaign


Center for Voting and Democracy
WashingtonPost.com: 2008 Presidential Candidates

CNN Election Tracker: Candidate Polling, 2008 Presidential Election
Candidates And Their Foreign Policies
Campaign Finance
Fivethirtyeight.com: Political Blog
USA Election polls




Constitution Finder
International Constitution Law
European Court of Justice
National Constitutions


Comparative Global Resources and Data


BLM American Democracy index
Library of Congress: Country Studies
CIA World Factbook
Library of Congress/HLAS Online

Diffusion of Democracy (U of Colorado)

Library of Congress: Research Tools
Economic Freedom Index: Heritage Foundation
Minorities At Risk Dataset
Foreign Government Web Resources UM Ann Arbor
Oxford Latin American Economic History Database

Government Publications and Maps (Northwestern University)

Penn World Table (Comparative Econ table)
Governance and Anti-Corruption Data
Polity and Datasets Archive
Historical Text Archive
Unicef Data: Progress of Nations
World Bank: Governance Data

International Developments in Child, Youth and Family Policies

International Statistics: Mansfield University
World Policies
Interuniversity Consortium for Political and Social Research
World Values Survey

Library of Congress: Home

Social Capital Gateway


Social Movements


Nationalism, Identity and Political Movements


Nativeweb Resources: Resource Database
IRSM Links in Solidarity
Social Movements in South Asia
Movement Organizations

Structures of Nationalism

The Nationalism Project


Human Rights

Human Rights (1)


Religious Rights

Religious Freedom Watch
Religious Rights: Bibliography


Environmental Rights

Environmental Advocacy Resources in Los Angeles
Earth Justice
Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide
Carnegie Council: Environmental Rights


Gay Rights

American Gay Rights Movement
The Guardian: Gay Rights
Human Rights Watch: LGBT Rights
Public Agenda: Gay Rights
Gay Rights Watch
The GLBT Resource Page


Women’s Rights

Global Issues: Women’s Rights
ACLU: Women’s Rights
AWARE: Singapore

Association for Women’s Rights in Development
UN: Women Watch
The Payoff from Women’s Rights


Southern Thailand

Profile, general information and up to date reports
ICT Commentaries: Southern Thailand
Weekly/Monthly Reports on Terrorism in Southeast Asia. Country Reports for Thailand are available here as well



Terrorism Research
Terrorism Research Center
Center for Defense Information: terrorism
Council on Foreign Relations: Terrorism
Singapore and Counter Terrorism
Terrorism and the US Federal Emergency Management Agency


Internet and Politics


“Obama would not have won without the internet”
Politics Online
Institute for Politics, Democracy and the Internet
New Statesman: Policy and the Internet


Development NGOs



UNDP in Phnom Penh
Cambodia Genocide Project at Yale University



Indonesian Mining Advocacy Network
Oxfam in Indonesia
IWAGIA: International Working Group for Indigenous Affairs
Yayasan Tanah Merdekah Sulawesi



Global Association for People and the Environment
Contested Landscapes of the Nam Theun, AMRC



Suara Rakyat: Malaysian Human Rights Group        
Rengah Sarawak
The Borneo Project

Malaysian Nature Society



Tebtebba Foundation – Indigenous Peoples’ International Centre for Policy Research and Education
Legal Right and Natural Resources Center – Kasama sa Kalikasan (Friends of the Earth Philippines)



Nature Society
Association of Women for Action and Research

Consumer Association of Singapore



Timorese Grassroots Organization
World Bank in East Timor



Focus on the Global South
Thailand Environment Institute