Sheraton Move, One Year On – Changing Malaysian Political Landscape

February 23, 2020, the day that altered the direction of Malaysian political landscape from an unseemingly political coup that shattered Pakatan Harapan’s helm at leadership from the historic win in the 2018 General Election. A year after the infamous political coup, some would say a backdoor government by Perikatan Nasional led by Bersatu’s president Muhyiddin Yassin and the faction that broke away from PKR’s leadership led by Azmin Ali. It all happened within a swoop and a year later, where are we today?

In this first episode of the special series, “Sheraton Move, A Year On”, Norman Goh speaks to Bridget Welsh, Honorary Research Fellow with the University of Nottingham Malaysia’s Asia Research Institute.

Produced & Presented by Norman Goh