Bridget’s Kerusi Panas episode 3: Telemung

This episode looks at the Telemung constituency in Hulu Terengganu, arguably UMNO best seat in the state of Terengganu. Discussion centers on the swing of women and older voters as two old UMNO – one now Bersatu – battle it out to win the seat.

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Bridget’s Kerusi Panas episode 2: Gua Musang

This episode looks at the three battle ground seats in the heart of the country, in the remote but more connected area of Gua Musang. All three seats are highly competitive, with UMNO having its best chance in Kelantan and PN in Paloh.

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Wealth & Politics in Asia

How does the recent rise of a super-rich stratum across much of Asia affect the politics of different countries? Are the ultra-affluent more likely to wield influence in democracies or in authoritarian regimes? Through what means and to what ends? Bridget joins the inter-disciplinary panel of experts on China, India and Southeast Asia will share observations and insights on this timely issue.

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