The Nation – 10th June 2022

Dr. Bridget Welsh joins Azmi Hassan and Datuk AT Kumararajah for Bernama’s The Nation to discuss trending topics of the week, including Malaysia’s food security, GST reintroduction, the Bon Odori festival and economic recovery.

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Consider This: Politics (Part 2) – Will It Be PN, BN, PH 2.0?

MPs have been given till 4pm Wednesday to submit their PM choice, following party leaders meeting with the YDPA. Tonight on #ConsiderThis Melisa Idris & Sharaad Kuttan speak to Jerlun MP Datuk Seri Mukhriz Mahathir & analysts Dr Bridget Welsh & Assoc Prof Dr Hamidin Hamid if we are any closer to establishing a new govt.

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Death and Democracy Covid 19 and Malaysian Politics seminar

With Emergency Rule, limited parliament sessions and weak legitimacy, Covid-19 is seen as undermining democracy in Malaysia. In this seminar Dr Welsh argues that there are also opposite trends. While acknowledging the contraction of democratic space and adoption of more authoritarian practices, Welsh argues that Covid-19 is leaving a profound impact on political norms and behaviour. Not only are more people politically engaged, new forms of mobilization and generational shifts are taking place. Covid-19 may in fact leave Malaysia stronger to address the serious inequalities and policy and governance challenges exposed by Covid-19.

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